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nJAMS is a real-time monitoring system for all Anypoint platform deployment options – CloudHub, Anypoint Runtime Fabric, or on–premise Mule runtime engine instances.

You can also monitor a hybrid environment with both CloudHub and on-premise deployments.

Check out this 2-minute nJAMS Quick Tour for an overview of nJAMS functionality.

This mighty MuleSoft control system enables development, operations and business teams to more effectively manage their business processes and ensure reliable performance. It provides insights to help solve issues more quickly and easily - and to launch new services faster.

Typical results with nJAMS are: issue resolution time reduced by up to 90%, an average of 20% lower maintenance and support costs, and 50% faster testing of new APIs and integrations.

With the free nJAMS version (a bundle of nJAMS Cloud and nJAMS Client for Mule4) you have everything you need to start monitoring your internal and external APIs and integrations:

3 applications, 10.000 jobs per day, 1 GB storage, 1 alerting rule, 10 alerts per day, 8x5 support, 7-day data retention.

nJAMS is built to meet your exact monitoring requirements. We provide a variety of options (on-premise and cloud), created to fit the demands of every business.

Check out the 2-minute nJAMS Quick Tour, watch the nJAMS Online Demo (25-minutes) or contact us and suggest a date and time for a personalized walkthrough.

If you want to have a quick look at nJAMS yourself, sign up and skip the nJAMS Client setup guide. You'll be able to log into an nJAMS instance and drill down into sample monitoring data from Mule flows.

Our goal is to get you started within 3 minutes by making setup fast and easy. A tutorial is available for the first steps.

1. Sign up with Google or your Microsoft account or register with your email address. A verification eMail will be sent to your inbox.

2. Your nJAMS instance will be instantly ready and populated with sample data. Skip the installation at this point, if you just want to get a first a look at the functionality of nJAMS without integration in your MuleSoft environment.

3. A setup guide helps you to configure the monitoring of your CloudHub, Anypoint and Mule Runtime.

After your registration we have sent you an eMail "Your nJAMS account has been created" from "Integration Matters". Please check your spam folder to be sure that our emails are not being detected as spam.

To request a new password, please send an eMail to cloud@integrationmatters.com.

Welcome! Your nJAMS account will now be created. You will receive an eMail with your account data as soon as your instance is available in the nJAMS Hub. Log in and a setup guide will automatically start to help you install the nJAMS Client for Mule4.

If you want to get a first a look at the functionality of nJAMS without integration in your MuleSoft environment, skip the setup guide and enter your nJAMS instance, which will be populated with sample data every 15 minutes. Download our tutorial for the first steps with nJAMS.

The setup guide starts automatically after login, as long as the nJAMS Client has not been installed. Download your unique client communication bundle, which is required for client connectivity. Follow the steps to introduce the nJAMS Client for Mule4 to your Anypoint Studio and close the setup guide.

You can now use all monitoring features for all MuleSoft deployment options and cancel at any time. Invite other users to join your subscription and collaborate during development and testing.

Check out the nJAMS documentation or send an eMail to support@integrationmatters.com for technical questions. If you are interested in best practices, schedule a free online session with us.

No, you just need to introduce the nJAMS Client to your Anypoint Studio. An installer is available to add nJAMS Monitoring to your relevant MuleSoft projects.

You can define rule-based actions for specific events to trigger notifications of alerts. Alerts can be generated for any deviation from your SLAs.

Standard reports show the availability, response time and throughput of end- to-end business processes for a certain period of time. Create your own custom dashboards for example with the embedded Highcharts library.

The free nJAMS version includes the nJAMS Client for MuleSoft Monitoring. If you want to extend your monitoring solution beyond MuleSoft, we can also provide nJAMS Clients for e.g. TIBCO BW, TIBCO BW6, SAP, IIB or Camel.

If you consider creating your own nJAMS Client, take a look at the nJAMS Client SDK on Github.

You can delete your nJAMS account at any time. Log in to the nJAMS Hub and go to the “Organization” section, where you can close your nJAMS account and delete all data associated with it.

Alternately send your delete request to support@integrationmatters.com.

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