Real-World nJAMS Use Cases

Operational excellence means executing your business strategy more consistently and reliably than your competition while lowering operational risk and operating costs, and increasing revenue. This is where nJAMS comes in.

Companies in pursuit of operational excellence do several things differently than other companies. They systematically manage their business and operational processes and invest in developing the right culture. They focus on customer experience in an all-digital world. And they use MuleSoft to achieve an ideal flow, to access data and to move more quickly than ever before.

Operational Excellence on a Day-to-Day Basis

These companies want to do the right thing, the right way, every time. And this is where our technology comes in. nJAMS helps them control their applications and flows in complex, high-volume environments. Available on-premise, in the cloud, hybrid, or as a SaaS solution, nJAMS monitors business processes and data flows all in one place.
Here’s a look into how nJAMS helps achieve operational excellence in eCommerce.

Use Case 1: Monitoring Product Data Management

It’s no secret that almost all retailers and brands have at some point worked with faulty or incorrect product data. You might think this doesn’t have a tremendous effect, but each single data error costs 60-80 USD to amend.

nJAMS automatically detects integration issues when synchronizing product information, text, images, and pricing within your different selling channels. It alerts for any anomaly, and shows which products and channels would be impacted. In this way, nJAMS helps retailers act fast to improve the consistency and quality of product information and to boost conversion rates within their web shops.

Use Case 2: Monitoring End-to-End Order Fulfillment

Ensuring perfect order fulfillment requires predictive insights and alerts, which is difficult, given the complexity of today’s business operations. Retailers must avoid any situation that could lead to a loss of revenue, customer churn, or harm to the corporate image. To ensure reliable order fulfillment and meet SLAs for the timely delivery of goods, retailers need to be able to collect data from multiple cross-unit sources and provide one single view on business processes and data flows.

nJAMS monitors the technical level, which includes the performance of flows and the identification of failed transactions. It also monitors the business level, including the impact of technical issues on your business goals. In case of issues, automated alerts are generated so that proactive steps can be taken to correct the situation.

Use Case 3: Monitoring Customer Data Integration

It is a daunting challenge to connect customer data with the users who need it. To do so involves disparate systems, multiple data formats, and changing data sources. MuleSoft eliminates this challenge and allows teams to build a 360-degree customer view.

Whether you’re pulling customer data from your MDM, ERP, CRM or any other system, nJAMS monitors these integrations to always ensure a single source of truth for accurate customer information, in real time.

It’s Time to Be Proactive

To meet customer expectations and avoid revenue loss, you need tools that enable real-time, end-to-end visibility, so you can proactively and positively resolve issues.

nJAMS is your go-to resource for business success. It provides you with end-to-end control of every instance of your business processes and data flows to drive operational intelligence in the areas that really make a difference for your business goals.

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