New nJAMS tutorial series for beginners

Want to get started with nJAMS and MuleSoft monitoring? Then this tutorial series is for you!

Do you want to find out how your MuleSoft applications really run – in real time? With nJAMS you get 100 % transparency into your Mule flows, applications, APIs and entire infrastructure. Plus, you can define automated alarms to facilitate process safety, ensure efficient operations, and maintain quality.

So kickstart your MuleSoft monitoring now, with our nJAMS Cloud tutorial series! It will guide you through the basics of nJAMS. Watch these three videos and quickly learn about the most important nJAMS features!

  1. How to sign up for a free nJAMS Cloud account and start Mule monitoring
    In this video, you’ll learn how to sign up for an nJAMS account, create your nJAMS Cloud instance and use nJAMS to monitor MuleSoft applications. It’s easy, fast, free and with no obligation!
    Get familiar with the nJAMS UI and test its functionality within a demo scenario.

  2. How to monitor your Mule flows with nJAMS Cloud
    In the next step, learn how to connect your own Mule applications with nJAMS Cloud. We provide step-by-step guidance through the installation and configuration of the nJAMS Client for Mule.

  3. How to monitor your Mule infrastructure with nJAMS Cloud
    In this video we show you how to set up nJAMS to monitor your entire Mule infrastructure with an nJAMS feature called ‘Argos’. While nJAMS provides insight into flow executions, Argos completes the process view. It offers metrics from applications and infrastructures, which may have an impact on your overall process performance.

Contact us for any questions or check the nJAMS documentation for a detailed description of the nJAMS setup and its functionality.

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