Three Best Practices for an nJAMS Proof of Concept

Have you just signed up for nJAMS or are beginning to work with it? Then this post will help you get started on best practices to verify the benefits and potential of nJAMS.

A Proof of Concept (PoC) is an effective way to understand how nJAMS monitors your applications and integrations, and how it visualizes your process and data flows. With a POC, the impact of performance improvements on your business goals can also be measured.

A successful PoC always has a clear objective, a start and end date, as well as defined parameters of success. Even though PoCs are expected to have quick turnaround times (usually 2-3 days for an nJAMS PoC), they still require careful planning, project management, dedicated resources and precise timelines.

1. Create a Case for Monitoring

First of all, it’s important to begin by asking yourself a few questions. For example, what operational challenge or challenges do you want to solve with monitoring?

Select a high-value process area that is strategically aligned with your company’s goals and focus the PoC on seeing measurable improvements around that process. Some examples could be:
- Better customer experience
- Faster time-to-market for new services
- Improved productivity
- Increased cost saving …

2. Involve Stakeholders

Talk to different stakeholders about the selected process area and find out where there have been issues. Ask your colleagues which metrics and reports they’re missing and what their favorite way of alerting is. This will give you clues about where and how to first implement nJAMS, in order to quickly prove its feasibility.

This first use case will soon make the advantages of nJAMS clear. Once it’s finished, you’ll have a ready-made application scenario to show stakeholders. It will clearly demonstrate how monitoring can effectively work within your company’s MuleSoft environment.

3. Future Proof your Monitoring Solution

While thinking about the next steps or perhaps an enterprise-wide monitoring of Mule flows, find out how nJAMS can quickly and reliably adapt to your ever-changing monitoring needs. nJAMS Cloud is easy to deploy and runs on scalable, future-proof technologies in high-volume process environments.

If you’re still having difficulty deciding where or how to begin, just get in touch with our customer service team at We’re there to support you with any difficulties.

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