Many ways to try nJAMS

Maybe you’re searching for a monitoring solution to get full visibility for your MuleSoft application network. But you’re wondering how to decide which product is worth investing time for a Proof-of-Concept?

A view is worth a thousand words.

With nJAMS, our end-to-end monitoring for MuleSoft environments, it’s easy to find out more, fast.

  • For a first quick look, check out this video with an overview of nJAMS functionality.

  • Or request an online demo with use cases that apply to your business. We’ll contact you to arrange a time for an online product tour. This could be the quickest way to get all your questions answered.

And hands-on is better than anything.

Still, you know trying is better than seeing. We’ve made that easier than ever before.

  • Just request credentials and connect to a live nJAMS Cloud instance. Without any installation you’ll be able to log in and drill down into sample monitoring data from Mule flows.

  • Sign up for nJAMS Cloud, launch your nJAMS cloud instance and start ingesting data from your MuleSoft environment in literally minutes. These step-by-step instructions will walk you through setting up an nJAMS Cloud account, creating your nJAMS Cloud instance, installing your nJAMS Client for Mule 4 and visualizing process diagrams data in nJAMS.
    Instead of connecting nJAMS Cloud to your MuleSoft environment, you can also choose to populate your instance with sample data without any nJAMS Client installation.

Why not get started today?

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