Integration Matters.
Monitoring Too.

Our background is in enterprise integration. Our passion is monitoring. We believe there is real magic in operational data. It separates the average from the exceptional.







Integration Matters is the brand name of an owner-run group of IT companies, headquartered in Germany. Our 30+ employees work from offices in Germany, the US and Croatia, along with distributors and partners across the world.

Driving integration projects

Faiz & Siegeln GmbH was founded by Abdelghani Faiz and Hendrik Siegeln in 2005 to provide consulting services for international IT projects (EAI, ESB, API, Cloud). After receiving many requests for a logging framework for integration projects, they decided to build a solution from scratch. By doing so, they could continuously add enhanced functionality.

Powering monitoring, globally

Thus, the idea for nJAMS (not JUST ANOTHER MONITORING SOLUTION) was born. It was designed to save customers the time and resources needed for building their own monitoring solutions. Faiz & Siegeln Software GmbH provides enterprise integration customers with a COTS process visibility suite. By partnering with several renowned integration providers, we are able to offer clients the optimal service for their specific monitoring requirements.

What makes us different?

Customer Focus

We deliver real value. End-to-end monitoring helps our clients get better every day, while excelling in operations.

Global experience

With our international distributors and partners, we started as a global business from day one.

Big-brand clients

Our tools and expertise with end-to-end business process monitoring help Fortune 500 companies deliver brand promises.

Integration champs

We offer an in-depth understanding of integration platforms and complex, high-volume business processes.

Innovation driven

We continuously benchmark new technologies to better serve our customers and provide a competitive advantage.

Get in touch.

If you have a complex application that needs monitoring, and time-to-market and costs are crucial, we’ll help you figure out if nJAMS is a good fit.