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Monitor your CloudHub, Anypoint and Mule Runtime with nJAMS to solve issues and launch new applications faster and more easily.

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MuleSoft Anypoint, the world’s #1 integration and API platform, is used by more and more businesses to create connected experiences, faster. nJAMS is our complementary solution.
It enables teams from development, operations and business to more effectively control their application networks and business processes – and ensure reliable performance. Because companies today need real-time visibility, advance notification of issues, and efficient root-cause analysis. Only then can they act quickly and create extraordinary customer experiences.

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Integration Matters is a pioneer in monitoring automated business processes running on large-scale integration platforms. Our process visibility suite nJAMS is an end-to-end monitoring solution that improves operational efficiency, creates extraordinary customer experiences and inspires process innovation.
Typical results with nJAMS are a 90% reduction in issue resolution time, an average of 20% lower maintenance and support costs, and 50% faster testing of new APIs and integrations.
nJAMS: for superior business results.

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Testifying to the success of nJAMS are over 350 clients from the energy, telecom, banking, insurance, retail, and transport & logistics industries as well as an ecosystem of 20+ system integrators spread across the globe. Why not start on your operational excellence journey today? With nJAMS.

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The ability to view transactions by processor with payload data, capture the state of a flow, replay the service on demand, create real-time alerts – such features are why our customers choose nJAMS.
Aryl KohrsPsyncopate, Inc.
Operational excellence is one of the keys to achieving customer excellence. nJAMS adapts quickly and reliably to our customers' continually changing monitoring requirements.
Dušan RauterBintegra
With nJAMS as my single point of information, I can test faster and enhance the quality of system, process and experience APIs.
Kai GrassnickMuleSoft Consultant